The one. The only. Whiskey Tango Sideshow.


hiskey Tango arose one serendipitous evening when the winds whispered ‘Side…Show…!’ across the flickering embers of some dance-school drop outs. From there the spark ignited and the Whiskey Tango Sideshow fire burns bright bringing together dancers, singers, musicians, costumers and performers of all varieties.

Our goal?…to knock your freakin’ socks off! From some serious sass, to the down right bizarre, the Whiskey Tango Sideshow brings something for all…a true show experience.

Our studio in Trumansburg, NY is one of our favorite places to be…but we are ready to pack up the chickens and hit the road! Every act is an original creation to dazzle the senses and tickle the soul. So remember…everyone is lavishly wealthy when the Whiskey Tango Sideshow is in town! Make sure mend that hole in your pocket…this is one ticket you don’t wanna lose!


Meet the cast. The amazingly talented cast.


Susan the Bullet

Susan and the Burgundy Bullet is 10 pounds of fun packed into a 5 pound sack! Notorious nipple flasher and general show off, she has traded in her tomboy daredevil dirt bike days for heels and rhinestones so she can enjoy entertaining and stretching the boundaries of imaginative flirtation. As co-creator and unofficial headmistress of the Whiskey Tango Sideshow collective, her background in dance, gymnastics, fetish entertainment and costuming continue to fan the flames of performance desire. She is constantly humbled and thrilled by her amazing WTS cohorts. So, get ready for a big bang, this pint size pistol packs a punch!


Sizzlin' Liz

Resident chanteuse and unofficial business bitch, Liz hails from Hector New York, “The land of no law” and has a wild, effervescent spirit to match! A classically trained singer and self-taught but determined dancer, she is also known for feats of tremendous daring including the human blockhead and the bed of nails! When she’s not singing and dancing, Liz can be found in overalls and work boots down in her wine cellar or bellying up to the bar for a whiskey on the rocks. Whatever flavor you desire, this farmer’s daughter will be sure to dazzle you with her luscious looks and melodious voice.


Erin the Axe

Impromptu and unpredictable on local dance floors, getting Erin to plan and commit to choreographing a reproducible act would seem unlikely. However, the love, support and sheer FUN of all the WTS women is all the inspiration she needed. Erin took all sorts of dance lessons throughout her childhood but tap dancing was always her true love. She often fantasized about becoming a Radio City Hall Rockette when she was a big girl, but she quickly outgrew the maximum height requirement. Luckily WTS think she is just the right size— Amazonian!— and after decades of denying her true vocation she is living her girlish dream!


Danielle Saint Velvet

A Jersey girl through and through, this showgirl has danced her way into the heart of Whiskey Tango Sideshow. Danielle is not only a trained and practiced performer, but a professional as well. Her love for ballet and gymnastics combined forces when she discovered aerial pole dancing. She has danced in Buffalo, Philadelphia,Syracuse, Atlantic City and of course her home town Ithaca for 5 years. Hairdresser and makeup artist by day, alternative model and dancer by night she rarely sleeps. When not dancing in the studio or in the salon she can be found behind her sewing machine creating her own fashions and costumes, making her the perfect WTS addition.


Janna Deadly

When Janna Deadly was a child, she had a dream that her skin was made of sequins and sparkles. To this day, she’s still trying to find where her mom hid the hot-glue gun. Co-creator of Whiskey Tango Sideshow, Janna is a life long dancer, choreographer and performer who hits the stage with some serious sass. A crafter extraordinaire, when creative passion strikes, you’ll find her behind the sewing machine, cruising the thrift shops or in the WTS studio, bringing life to the technicolor scenes unfolding in her head. She loves to make an audience laugh and believes in finding the levity in the poignant, the hilarious in the mundane, and that the sexiest part of the human anatomy is undoubtedly, the heart.


Robin Rhinestone

Robin always persuaded her siblings into performing for their family. She began taking ballet at the awkward age of 14 and became the curvaceous dancer she is today. Realizing that her voluptuous skills were meant for bigger and better burlesques, Robin continues to dance along right into the arms of the Whiskey Tango Sideshow!


Tessa Trueheart

A local to Ithaca, Tessa graduated with a B.A in Arts Education and a Minor in Dance from William Smith College. With nothing to lose after graduating Tessa uplifted and moved across the country to land in San Francisco, CA. An immense love for this art form and her adventurous and determined spirit quickly took her through the ranks.
She has studied, traveled, and performed with the mother of tribal fusion bellydance, Jill Parker, and these days you can find her strutting her own style as a member of the Whiskey Tango Sideshow, and artistic director of
The Truehearts.


MC Sarah the Siren

Sarah the Siren has been dancing and performing since her first days on dry land. She was a teacher of sultry hip sways and come-hither hair tossing at Brass Vixens in Toronto Canada, but they kicked her out of Canada for being too mean. When she washed up on a Cayuga Lake it was time to trade in her brass pole for a microphone. This Siren can usually be found learning to walk on her new legs in dangerously high heels and glittering seashell bras – sometimes with a wreckage of broken-hearted sailors smashed ‘on the rocks’ in her glass of whiskey.


Whiskey Tango Sideshow Special Guests

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